Miners' Day 2015

On the 4th of December, 2014 Zakłady Górniczo-Hutnicze “Bolesław” S.A. celebrated the Saint Barbara’s Day – the miners patron. Traditionally, the mining academy was held in Bukowno at the pithead of the former mine "Bolesław". The ceremony was attended by  representatives of the Company, invited guests and honored miners. The cheerful point of the academy was an artistic show presented by the youngest preschoolers dedicated to the mining activities, finished by a set of mining songs sung by “Rodaczanie” choir.

As every year, the President of the Board Bogusław Ochab summed up the ending year and pointed out the plans for the future. He informed that the company is focused on three important issues: electric power prices, new production input base and labour issues relating to the ending mining activity at the “Pomorzany” mine. At the end of the speech he wished the miners and their families health, happiness and good luck. 

During the academy the best, outstanding employees were awarded medals, decorations, honorary badges and mining swords. Before handing out medals and awards for meritorious mine workers, the results of the fifth edition of the art competition organized for the children of employees under the title "Mum, Dad - work safely" were announced. Next, the representatives of State Mining Authority (WUG) handed the prize to the sixth branch of the  “Pomorzany" mine or participation in the competition for the title of "Safe Branch" organized by the "Safe Mining" - professor Wacław Cybulski foundation. The final touch of the academy were wishes from invited guests to all the miners in ZGH "Boleslaw" S.A 

After the official part, miners celebrated the day at the traditional beer feast. Cabaret “Jestem” from Piekary Śląskie entertained the participants The feast was filled with the ribald jokes concerning everyday mining work, songs and funny competitions.

One of the elements of the celebration were masses for miners in the Basilica in Olkusz and in the Polish Catholic Church in Bolesław. The representatives of the miners presented gifts on the altars – bread, wine and zinc-lead ore as well as thanked their patron St. Barbara for the safe work and asked for the further care.