Smelters Day 2013

The annual Smelters’ Day celebration was traditionally accompanied by gala, feast and sports competition.

The central ceremony took place on the 10th of May. As every year, the smelting celebration begun with the company’s brass band concert after which the official gala started.The event brought together the Management Board, managers of the company, distinguished employees, presidents of subsidiaries, representatives of trade unions and invited guests e.g.authorities of local governments from the Olkusz district, representatives of Polish science and industry organizations as well as former employees.

The President of the Management Board – Bogusław Ochab discussed current company’s situation as well as the strategy’scompletion processand informed about the activities undertaken by the Board towards the improvement of ZGH “Bolesław” S.A.competitiveness.At the end of the speech,President thanked all the smelter's for their diligent work, effort and dedication put in the performance of daily duties and wished them safe work and successes in their personal and professional life.

According to the long-lasting tradition of the smelters’ celebration, the longtime employees were given national honors and jubilee awards – altogether 70 employers were distinguished.Among themthere were those awarded the Medal for Long Service, badges "Merit for ZGH Bolesław" or"Honored Worker of Smelting Plant"and employeeswith 35 and 40 years of work experience. The trade unions operating at ZGH "Boleslaw" S.A. also presented distinctive badges to the honored smelters - medals and honorary swords or daggers.

The final element of the ceremony waswishes from the guests after which smelters together with the invited guests participated in the beer feast, singing songs with the band and taking part in games and competitions.

The next day – on Saturday the 11th of May at the Municipal Recreation and Leisure Center in Bukowno the 6th Smelting Sport Competitions SITMN took place. 11 teams competed in long and short shotgun target shooting, paintball, archery and darts.The first place and the President Cup won the Roasting and FKS Department (ZGH “Bolesław”), second place won Mining Works  Department (ZGH “Bolesław”) and the third went toHutaCynku „MiasteczkoŚląskie”S.A.

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Official Gala 

Beer Feast

6th Smelting Sport Competitions SITMN